Inkjet Adhesive Metallic Silver Film

Inkjet Adhesive Metallic Silver Film
Type: Inkjet Printable Silver Polyester Film.
Size: 8.5" X 11"
Printers: All Desktop Inkjet Printers
Color: Silver
Thickness: 2.7 MIL
Adhesive: Permanent
Outdoor Life: N/A
Instructions: Inkjet Adhesive Metallic Silver Film
Tools/Material: N/A
Note: Indoor use only.

General Description: This mirror finish self-adhesive silver polyester film allows for you to create your own silver or chrome looking metallic signs, labels, and stickers. The highly polished finish makes your signs or labels stand out, making it much less likely for your customer to disregard or discard your sign or label.

Applications: Most of our customers use this media for creating unique and interesting metallic signs and labels, but this media is not limited to those applications. Some of our customers even use our metallic films for creating realistic props or replica pieces.

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Silver chrome finish inkjet printable adhesive film. The finish is high gloss chrome like finis that will show color photos nicely  as the reflective chrome color will take place of the white color (the regular color of the basic media or paper)